Carole Goeas & Associates

Carole Goeas & Associates (CG&A), has been a leading force in Republican political fundraising since it was established in 1994.  For two decades, the firm has been a strategic strength in the election of many of the top, most familiar policymakers in Republican politics in the House and Senate. At CG&A, we are proud to continue building upon our foundation of excellence, having raised tens of millions of dollars for our many clients and offering the personalized service and attention that only we can provide. We have a proven record of success raising money whether online, on the phone, and in person from small donors, wealthy individuals, corporations, trade associations, political action committees, and labor unions. The dedicated team at CG&A combines a fresh, personal approach with an aggressive drive for success, always putting the clients’ best interests first. We offer an array of creative, individualized services, including consulting and strategic fundraising, which harnesses the latest technologies to give clients the advantage they need and deserve.